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Tad Merryman

Owner / Head Youth Instructor / Adult Fundamentals

Tad Merryman wrestled through high school and discovered BJJ after moving to Northern Virginia. He began his training with Yamasaki Academy and David Jacobs. He began to volunteer coaching BJJ almost 10 years ago. He is an Abmar Barbosa Black Belt with more than 15 years of grappling experience.

Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
14 years BJJ experience
4 years wrestling experience
3 years coaching wrestling at Chantilly Youth Association
1 year coaching football at Chantilly Youth Association

Wrestling Conference Champion
Wrestling Regional Champion
4th place North Carolina Wrestling State Championship

Copa Nova No Gi Champion Blue Belt
Copa Nova Gi Champion Blue Belt
IBJJF Pan American Bronze Medalist Blue Belt

Copa Nova Gi 2nd Place Purple Belt

IBJJF DC Open Champion Brown Belt

IBJJF DC Open Silver Medalist Brown Belt

IBJJF American National Silver Medalist Brown Belt

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