Kids 4&5: Work on basic BJJ movements, positions and controlled sparring situations. Fun paced class with BJJ and games.

Kids 6-14 Fundamentals: Focuses on a specific checklist of positions and techniques geared towards preparing students for the Advanced BJJ Program.

Kids 6-14 Advanced:  Focuses on sequence trees of advanced positions and techniques. Instructors offer individualized instruction tailored to the students strengths. Students participating in this class have demonstrated sound knowledge of the fundamentals curriculum.

Adult BJJ: Class for adults of all skill levels. From beginner to advanced, students will warm up, learn and drill technique, and spar in every class.

Women’s BJJ: Classes for women, taught by women in an environment where the gym is closed to men to afford women an additional level of comfort when learning BJJ.

Marathon Rolls:  Supervised sparring. Leader will determine the starting position and the duration of the rounds. This is an hour of sparring to put technique to use and build up BJJ endurance.

Marathon SPS:  Supervised sparring, king of the mountain. Instructor will determine the setup for this winner-stays-in sparring session.

Open Mat: Mat time that is open to visitors from other academies. Students in attendance will determine their training (ie. drilling or sparring)