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Community is important to us

We are a proud member of the Chantilly, VA area and we seek to bring more value to our community in a number of ways.  Below are some of the programs that we participate in in an effort to build a stronger community.

Law Enforcement

We offer completely free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons to law enforcement officers until they reach the level of blue belt.  Achieving the rank of blue belt typically takes 1.5 to 2 years with consistent training.

After the student has reached blue belt, we offer a discount to law enforcement officers.

We also offer a discount to military and first responders.


CYA Partnership

During school closures, some area sports teams were temporarily left with out a place to train.  We were proud to have partnered with CYA Wrestling during this time to provide them a temporary home while they prepared a more permanent space.

Wrestling is a great sport and a great compliment to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  If you are looking for a wrestling program that puts the students first and will teach them everything that they will need to be successful on the mats, look no further than CYA Wrestling.

Pictured is a free seminar provided by CYA Wrestling.

Fortified Partner

Fortified Self-Defense for Everyone is a non profit that offers free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training over an 8 week course geared towards giving its participants the tools needed to carry themselves with confidence and be able to defend themselves if need be.

Alpha Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors participated in teaching the courses and allowed Fortified to use our facilities in order to provide students with an area to practice.

We hope to partner with Fortified again in the future.

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